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2022/2023 Season Comes to a close! 

 20 years of HOYRA. It's crazy to sit back and think of the amazing families that have filtered through this association throughout those years. The Volunteers and the time that it took to get it started. The blood, sweat and tears it has taken to keep it rolling and growing. What a Blessing it has been to have a front row seat to the action. 

The 2023 Season brought more growth and challenges but as a HOYRA family we pulled through to another amazing year. We truly are Blessed with a board that cares for making this the best association in the state. What a great Group of Contestants and Families. Make sure you tell them how much you appreciate their hard work when you see them.  

Thank you to every single contestant that joined. Thank you to your families for supporting them and trusting us to help along the way. Thank you for your patience and understanding as volunteers work tirelessly to make this association the best it can be.

This season the association grew to 224 members strong. After the dust had settled on the regular season rodeos we had 182 fully qualified for finals and 173 that entered Finals and will be competing. 

These members brought in $115,740.00 in Sponsorships 
2022/2023 Season Payout was - $173,904.86
2023 Finals Regular Rodeo Payout - $15,494.00

2022/2023 Finals Prize Line was over - $271,021.00
2021/2022 Western Oklahoma State College Scholarships totaled $9,250.00
Together that is over $469,669.00 in Cash and prizes for these contestants.

As we say every year... These numbers are mind blowing are not the work of 1 or 2 members but the ENTIRE group... HOYRA doesn't happen without each and every person trying their hardest and working to make each season better than the last!

We have exciting things in the works for next season and can't wait to get back at it with our HOYRA family.

We are so BLESSED to get to know each member and their families. If you didn't connect with us this season we look forward to getting to know your family next season.

Thank you for being a part of the HOYRA Family. 
Until 2023/2024 season stay #HOYRASTRONG