Do you want to be more involved this season. Contact us today and we can find a way for you to help! 

​Contestants must compete in half of the rodeos in a particular event to compete at finals.

That is a minimum of 7 rodeo days!
Contestants must bring a silent auction item to finals!

Finals information form is posted on the website at under the forms tab. This will give you a schedule of events for the finals so you know when and where to be!

Sponsorship Money - The $250 required by each member in order to compete at finals will be due at the January Rodeo in Chickasha.

You do not have to stop there, you can still turn in additional sponsorship money after this date to work toward your free entry fees!

Jacket Sizes - We will have jackets to try on at the February rodeo in Purcell to get each contestant sized properly. The association will pay to have their names added. If you want your child's events added it is $6 per event and this will have to be paid for at the time that you try on the coat.

Shirt Size - New this year each finals contestant will receive a shirt to wear at the finals from WRANGLER. Please know your child's WRANGLER Shirt size when you come to Purcell Rodeo in February.

Green Sheets - Your completed Green Volunteer Sheet will be due at the Elk City Rodeo in March. THIS IS REQUIRED TO COMPETE AT FINALS!!!

FINALS FEES, ENTRIES, & STALL RESERVATIONS - Will be due at the Elk City Rodeo. No exceptions or late entries taken for finals. No slack option offered for finals.

Barrels,= Open, 14 - 18 slack, 10 - 13 slack, 7 - 9 slack, 6 & under slack, 14 - 18, 10 - 13, 7 - 9, 6 & Under
Poles = 6 & under slack, 7 - 9 slack, 10 - 13 slack, 14 - 18 slack, 6  Under, 7 - 9, 10 – 13, 14 – 18,  Open
Goat Undecorating/horse = 6 & Under = slack first
Goat Tying = slack first,  7 - 9, 10 – 13, 14 –1 8, Open 
Dummy Roping  = 6 & Under (Starts when we start the 10-13 goat tying)
Steer Breakaway  = 7 - 9

Breakaway Roping = 7 - 9
Girls Breakaway Roping   = 10 - 13
Boys Breakaway Roping  = 10 - 13
Girls Breakaway Roping =  14 - 18
Boys Breakaway Roping  = 14 - 18
Open Breakaway Roping
Ribbon Roping = 10 – 13, 14 – 18
Tie Down Calf Roping = 10 – 13, 14 – 18 ,Open
Steer Stopping = 13 & Under
Team Roping  Heading & Heeling = 13 and Under, 14 - 18  

Barrel 4D Side Pot


*You must enter the regular rodeo in your age group and carry your time over*
*You may enter up for more runs in the side pot*
*Each run counted in the side pot will be $20 on top of your regular fees*
*Must be entered when you pay your fees *
*No Points will be kept or count towards all around or year-end prizes*
*4D with ½ Second Splits*
Open Entries are not eligible

Rule Changes

Please review the entire rule book as changes are made every year.

You as a member are responsible for reading and acknowledging these changes
2018/2019 Season Comes to a close! 

 As the dust settles on the 2018-2019 HOYRA Season we want to take a moment to thank every member as well as every sponsor that they brought in!
Our HOYRA sponsors collectively gave $41,849.00 in support this season. 
In the 2018-2019 HOYRA season we saw right at $70,000.00 paid out to our contestants. 
The HOYRA finals Prize line this year was $90,550.21.
Payouts and Prize Lines like this are only accomplished by amazing contestants who are faithful to enter each rodeo and members who realize the value and importance of sponsorship, donating and purchasing auction items, donating to the concession stand, eating at the concession stand, and those who volunteer time and energy to ensure that these members have the best year possible.
We are grateful to everyone that is a part of the HOYRA and the roles that each of you play.