1) What do I have to do to qualify for Finals?

*Youth Members must compete in an event ½ of the scheduled rodeos, not including the finals, in order to qualify in that event for the Finals Rodeo and to receive season awards. Adult contestants will be required to compete in a minimum of 4 rodeos to be eligible to compete at finals.
* The membership period runs from July 1st to June 30th.
* Each youth contestant must sell a book of tickets ($200 tickets at $5.00 each or 5 for $20) to be eligible to compete at the finals.  The tickets must be turned in by the second to last rodeo before finals.

*Each parent or child must sign up and help/Volunteer with Rodeo, Concession Stand or Jackpots with a minimum of 4 hours for the Rodeo Season (sign up sheets to log your time are at the Secretary's Table)

2) How do I get points?

*Membership dues and application must be completed and turned in by the end of the last scheduled event of the rodeo for which the contestant would like for his/her points to count. A copy of the contestant’s birth certificate must be furnished (for youth members only) for HOYRA records, and must be turned in by the next rodeo the contestant attends. No points will be accumulated or rodeo attendance counted until the membership application, dues, and birth certificate are turned in.  Payout may be held until these are submitted.

​* Each contestant will receive 1 participation point per event competed in within their own age group.


Point Award Scale:
                        First Place                      10 

                       Second Place                   9

                       Third Place                       8 

                       Fourth Place                     7

​                       Fifth Place                        6

                       Sixth Place                       5 

                       Seventh Place                  4

                       Eight Place                       3

                      Ninth Place                      2

                      Tenth Place                      1

3) How do I become a member?

Download and fill out our membership form and mail it to us along with a copy of your birth certificate to:


P.O. Box 156

Piedmont, OK 73078

Or you can bring it with you to the rodeo.

4) How can I rodeo for free?

For every $1000 in sponsors you bring in you get a rodeo for free. Stalls & Hookups fees still apply. 

 Sponsorship money must be turned in prior to rodeo or morning of rodeo.

For any contestant who sells $850 TICKETS - you will rodeo at the FINALS for FREE!!

5) How do I enter?

Entries are taken ONSITE at the rodeo!   You can Leave your entry for the NEXT rodeo with the Secretaries to assist with kicking off the Rodeos On time.   You can mail in your entry if you need to : HOYRA

PO BOX 156

Piedmont OK 73078

6) How do I enter if I am not a member?

Entries for NON members will be taken at rodeo.  Books close 1 hour prior to the rodeo for all RACING events, and 1 hour after the Start of the rodeo for all Roping Events

7) What is the order of events and what time does the rodeo start? 

Exhibitions are 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Sat  & 8am - 9:15 Sun

Rodeo starts at 9:00 am Sat / 10am Sun

Church service on Sunday will begin at 9:30am

Barrels  6  Under, 7-9, 10 –13, 14 –18,  Open 
Poles 6  Under, 7-9, 10–13, 14–18,  Open                   
Goat Undecorating/horse 6 & Under
Goat Tying  7-9, 10 – 13, 14 – 18,  Open  
Dummy Roping   6 & Under
Breakaway Roping  7 -  9
Girls Breakaway Roping    10 - 13
Boys Breakaway Roping   10 - 13
Girls Breakaway Roping    14 - 18
Boys Breakaway Roping   14 - 18
Open Breakaway Roping
Ribbon Roping 10 – 13, 14 – 18
Tie Down Calf Roping 10 – 13, 14 – 18    Open Calf Roping

Steer Breakaway 7-9

Steer Stopping 10-13, 14-18 

Team Roping  Heading & Heeling      13 and Under & 14 - 18 ** Helper will NOT pay fees ***Optional Helper pot on the side
Team Roping (Mixed) Jackpot only when available

8) Can I enter at the rodeo?

YES!!!    Entries for Speed events must be entered 1 hour prior to rodeo start time.

Roping events must be entered 1 hour after rodeo start time.

9) How can I pay my entry fee's?

Come visit the Secretaries table and enter.  Entry fee's can be paid with cash, or with a check. 

 All checks to be collected at rodeo prior with entry or before rodeo starts.  


  Heart of Oklahoma Youth Rodeo Association